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News about Jackie in 2016:


22 december 2016:

Ever since their candidate lost the election by an electoral landslide, liberals have been throwing roadblocks in the way of Donald Trump’s

inauguration. They’ve even put pressure on entertainers not to perform at the inauguration and many have refused, fearful of career suicide.

Jackie Evancho was brave enough to stand up to that pressure and has agreed to perform for the president-elect on the 20 january 2017, where Jackie will sing the National anthem. Good job Jackie.


21 december 2016:

Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Harry Connick, where Jackie also sings 'Someday At Christmas'.

Added a radio interview with WJCT News.


20 december 2016:

Added a new video with Jackie again, this time from America Got Talent, where Jackie was a guest and sang 'Someday At Christmas'.

Also added a new TV interview with Jackie and People Now.


17 december 2016:

New video with Jackie and Peter Hollens, singing 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over).


15 december 2016:

Added a new TV interview with Jackie at Good Day Chicago, where Jackie also sings 'Someday At Christmas'.


14 december 2016:

Added a new video with Jackie Evancho and Il Volo singng 'Little Drummer Boy' from NBC Today Show.

Also added 2 TV interviews with Jackie at the NBC Today Show.


20 november 2016:

Added a new video with Jackie, and a new song that Jackie wrote 'The Haunting'. The video was recorded live at Joe's Pub in New York.


16 november 2016:

Added three videos from Jackie's concert in Charleston on the 12 november 2016, where Jackie preformed with Chris Mann on stage, and sang three songs 'Say Something', 'All I Ask Of You' and 'The Prayer'.


8 november 2016:

Added Jackie's first ever Facebook live chat, watch it here.


6 november 2016:

Added a new podcast interview with Jackie & Jeremy Bradley, listen to it here.


3 november 2016:

Added a new TV interview with Jackie and 'Local Memphis Live', where Jackie sings 'Someday At Christmas'. Watch the interview here.


2 november 2016:

It looks like Sony Music Masterworks has accidentally used a different version of 'Hallelujah' on Jackie's new album 'Someday At Christmas', rather than the version that Jackie Evancho & Peter Hollens prefers. If you are unhappy with the CD you purchased, Sony Music Masterworks will send you a replacement disc. Read more here.


28 october 2016:

Finally it is released, Jackie's new album 'Someday At Christmas' is finally out for sale now. You can read all the lyrics and listen to 30 sec. samples of all the songs here.


28 october 2016:

Peter Hollens released his new CD 'A Hollens Family Christmas' today, on that CD Jackie & Peter sings 'Happy Xmas (War is over)'.


16 october 2016:

Peter Hollens will release a new cd 'A Hollens Family Christmas' on october 28'th, and on the CD he will sing John Lennon's christmas song 'Happy Xmas (War is over)' in a duet with Jackie.


12 october 2016:

Read the article in 'Inspiring Lives Magazine' september issue with Jackie, right here (.pdf).


9 october 2016:

Added a three new wallpapers, number 78, 79 and 80 in 21 different sizes each, you can see them all here.


1 october 2016:

Added a short TV interview with Jackie and 'Your Pittsburgh KDKA', you can watch it here.


2 september 2016:

There are news about Jackie's new album, you can pre-order the new album from Imusic Denmark, Amazon USA and Amazon Germany, the album name is 'Someday at Christmas', the album should be released 28 october 2016. Read more about the new album here.


8 august 2016:

The Official Jackie Evancho Forum has been closed.


2 august 2016:

I have changed the code of how the video's are shown, please let me know if there is any broken links to the video's, thanks.


31 july 2016:

Jackie has just added 8 videos to her YouTube site from the Festa Italiana, Milwaukee. You can see them here.


27 july 2016:

Jackie just added a new video on her YouTube, where she sings 'Ave Maria' at Festa Italiana, Milwaukee.


4 july 2016:

Added a new video with Jackie singing 'God Bless America' at A Capitol Fourth in Washington.

Also added an TV interview with 'Good Morning Washington', where Jackie also sings 'Safe And Sound'.


3 july 2016:

Added many pictures to the gallery from Jackie's rehersal for 4'th of july at Washington, DC.


24 june 2016:

Jackie has released a video on YouTube about behind the scenes of 'Apocalypse' video. See the video here.


4 june 2016:

Jackie has released a video from a concert in october 2015, where she sings 'Come What May' in a duet with Peter Hollens.


5 may 2016:

Added 2 new wallpaper's number 76 and 77.


2 may 2016:

Added a short TV interview with Jackie from Entertainment Tonight.


26 april 2016:

Jackie sang 'Apocalypse' twice on TV today, once on 'Live Today Show' and 'Live with Kelly and Michael'.

New radio interview with Jackie and Billboard Pod Cast.


22 april 2016:

Jackie's newest original song, 'Apocalypse' takes her in a truly pop direction. 'Apocalypse' is Jackie's fifth single (and video) from Jackie's new upcoming album that will come out this Summer. What a fantastic song.


9 april 2016:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE... Sweet 16... Have a fantastic day with family and friends...

Added two new video's released at Jackie Evancho' s YouTube. Watch the here.


3 april 2016:

Jackie sang America's national anthem at the game between the Pirates & Cardinals today. See the video here.


1 april 2016:

A new song and maybe a video with Jackie will be released april 22. The song's title is 'Apocalypse', use the link to listen to a sample.


29 march 2016:

A new video with Jackie singing 'Coming Home, Pt. II', released the 25'th of march, to see the video, lyrich and listen to a sample click here.


6 february 2016:

Added a new wallpaper 75, in 21 different sizes.


28 January 2016:

Jackie's new video 'Writings On The Wall' has been released, what a fantastic cover of this song.


24 january 2016:

Added a new wallpaper 74, in 21 different sizes.


23 january 2016:

New video with Jackie singing a cover of the song 'Writing's On The Wall' from the new James Bond movie 'Spectre', expected to be released 29 january.


15 january 2016:

Jackie Evancho has released a video, recordred at a live concert in 2015, where she sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'.


13 january 2016:

New record for the danish fan website for Jackie Evancho. 15.000 visits from 87 countries in december 2015. That is just fantastic for Jackie.


5 january 2016:

Added 2 videos to the gallery, both from 2009. The first is from the Kean Idol, where Jackie sings 'Con Te Partiro', the second is a cover of 'Evanescence' song 'Bring Me Back To Life'


3 january 2016:

I have started to make some pages where you can see Jackie's video's in HD. This is gonna take time, but will be done. But your browser must support 'HTML5', for you to see them in HD. You can see one of the new HD pages, at this link.



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