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Mozilla Firefox Problem

If you experience the error 'No video with supported format and MIME type found' when they try to stream video content on with Firefox browsers. Recently, Mozilla has followed the trend and removed all plug-ins from the browser in favor of HTML5 with the exception of Adobe Flash which is still widely used and popular.

You could try and reload the page a few times, that helps for me, and also make sure that you have the latest update of Mozilla Firefox to the newest version.

What causes the error 'No video with supported format and MIME type found' in Firefox?

Since the introduction of HTML5, errors like these are common even in popular browsers like Mozilla. The reasons why this error message occurs when streaming any video are but not limited to:

  • Bad cookies and cache stored in Firefox. Each website fetches cookies and cache when loading content and if they are corrupt or bad, the browser will show errors like the one under discussion.

  • Adobe Flash is not installed on your computer. To this date, there are still numerous websites who make use of Flash.

  • If you have Windows KN and N Edition, the media-related technologies required by Firefox are not installed in them by default. This is how they differ from other Windows editions.

  • There are plug-ins in the browser which may be corrupt or conflicting with the video playing mechanism.

Make sure that you export all your bookmarks and data before proceeding. When you follow the solutions below, your Firefox data might get erased.

A solution for you, might be to use another browser

If you fail in every way when trying to stream a video, you can make use of other popular browsers out there such as Chrome, Safari or Edge. These browsers web engine which is totally different as compared to Firefox with respect to encoding, media capabilities.

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