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Music Video's from Jackie Evancho:
Here are over 230 video's for you to look at here (If you have the time).

You can also see the list of Jackie's videos in alphabetical order, you can see the list of unsorted video's and also TV interviews with Jackie.
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Video's from 2009 :

Music video's from 2009
Video's from 2010 :

Music video's from 2010
Video's from 2011 :

Music video's from 2011
Video's from 2012 :

Music video's from 2012

Video's from 2013 :

Music video's from 2013
Video's from 2014 :

Music video's from 2014
Video's from 2015 :

Music video's from 2015
Video's from 2016 :

Music video's from 2016

Video's from 2017 :

Music video's from 2017
Video's from 2018 :

Music video's from 2018
Video's from 2019 :

Music video's from 2019
Video's from 2020 :

Music video's from 2020

Video's from 2021 :

Music video's from 2021
Video's from 2022 :

Music video's from 2022

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