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Questions and Answers
Jackie has been answering many questions over the years, here is a few of them.

If you could be in a TV show, what would you be in ? Game Of Thrones, duh !!!. That'd be so cool !.

If you had the opportunity to live in another country. Which country would you choose ? I would love to live in Japan someday. It's so beautiful.

Do you have a plan to acting again in other film ? I had so much fun acting and would do it again, but right now I'm focused on my music.

How do you learn a new song, especially in a foreign language ? With foreign songs my mom writes the words phonetically and then we play the music.

Who would be your ultimate duet with ? Lady Gaga, for sure. I would love to sing with her.

What is your greatest achievement ? My platinum album.

Hardest song you've learned to sing ? 'A milion dreams', from my album 'The Debut'.

The star who would play me in the movie version of my life ? Chloe Grace Moretz, because my whole life I've been told we look alike.

Childhood hero ? Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae ('The Phantom of the Opera').

The superpower I wish I had in real life ? The power to fly.

You are from Pittsburgh, but live in New York. Who has better pizza ? Probably New York, I hate to say.

I can't live without this device ? My phone. Mainly for practical reasons, like alarm clocks!.

Favorite breakfast cereal ? Cranberry Crunch. It got the oats, got the flakes and cranberrys.

My favorite reality show ? My favorite show right now is 'Impractical Jokers'. It's hilarious'.

Your favorite brunch food ? Waffles.

Favorite guilty pleasure ? Watching 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' with my sister.

My quirkiest inherited trait ? Unapologetically being a dork, from my dad.

My favorite sandwich, plus fixings ? My favorite sandwich is simply salami and bread. That's all.

Favorite movie ? 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

If you pick a movie - comedy or drama ? Drama.

I'm deathly afraid of ? Spiders or losing my family members.

Celebrity crushes ? I adore Leonardo DiCaprio.

Saturday mornings, you'll find me ? At home, sleeping in!.

Favorite dining spot ? I love a restaurant called Vice Versa.

The first band/performer I saw in concert ? Michael Buble.

The best concert I've ever seen ? John Loyd Young at the Cafe Carlyle (a legendary New York jazz venue).

Top thing on my 'Bucket List' to do before I'm gone ? To travel for fun and see things in nature that I've never seen before.

In five years, I'd like to ? I'd like to have a successful career and a nice place and a happy, healthy family.

One word my mother would use to describe me ? I think my mom would call me either sweet or bratty. Depends on the day.

Exercise I hate most ? Lifting weights for my arms.

Favorite show for binge-watching ? I love to binge-watch the Food Network.

What kind of music do you listen to ? I listen to all types of music.

Favorite vacation spot ? A spot in Delaware. Family secret.

Do you take any voice lessons? ? I check in with voice specialists to make sure that my voice stays healthy .

The worst advice I ever received ? Just Do It.

If I could live my life as someone else, it would be ? I'd love to live as Lily Collins. She seems so happy.

The movie that always makes me cry ? 'Where the Red Fern Grows'.

What's ur favorite color ? My favorite isnt really a color, it's black. But as for colors my favorite is blue.

My most treasured fashion accessory ? A ring my mother got me for Christmas.

If I wasn't a singer, I'd be ? A writer in lyrics or songs.

The last book I read ? 'Onyx and Ivory', by Mindy Arnett.

My most memorable fashion mistake ? I don't believe I've had one yet, other than some outfits that just weren't 100% great.

I never travel without my ? My Dad.

Whats your favorite animal ? I love all animals but my favorites are my little dog Maggie and seals.

People would be surprised to know that I ? Still love archery very much.

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram profile (2019)

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