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Songs From The Silver Screen DVD


Title: Songs From The Silver Screen.

Released: 2 october 2012.

Time: 54:13 min.

Info: CD and DVD

Label: Columbia, Syco



Album info:

'Songs from the Silver Screen' is the fourth full album as

Jackie has made. It was released on october 2 2012, and

at the time was Jackie 12 years old.


The album consists of 12 songs which have been used in popular films, arranged by Bill Ross. The songs are a mixed bag of music from Disney films, romance and themes from great films.


The DVD was filmed on June 13, 2012 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The special's executive producer and director is David Horn, co-producer is Humberto Gatica, and conductor and arranger is Bill Ross. Guest artists include The Canadian Tenors, Evancho's brother, Jacob Evancho, and Jumaane Smith on the trumpet.


The album was produced by Bill Ross and Humberto Gatica for Columbia Records and Syco.


Speciel version with DVD where here are 12 tacks on.


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