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The Epic Horse Show - Troy

Jackie Evancho sings the theme song from 'Troy'. You can  see the lyrics and a video of Jackie singing 'Set Me Free', from the  Troy press conference in Beijing, China, on 25 may 2017.

Published: 4 june 2017

Credit: Theatre Beijing

Genre: Drama

Dates: July 14-30, 2017

Venue: National Stadium

Features: The epic horse show Troy will be performing at National Stadium in Beijing from July 14 to July 30 - as a unique form of live performance with hundreds of well-known horses and Asian and European artists.

Plan for the Show

“Troy” will be on stage in July 2017 in Beijing National Stadium until November. For The Spring Festival season, “Troy” will be shown in Sanya/Guangzhou/Shenzhen. We guarantee our first season of ‘Troy’ will be longer than six months. Once the first tour finished, according to the feedback from the market, we will make new adjustments, then “Troy” will once again go through Changsha, Nanjing, Hangzhouand other essential cities in China.

Our first tour of “Troy” will last for three years, and will be shown in 9-10 cities of China.

Our plan of taking “Troy” to Las Vegas is also in the process of discussion.


She will be the grand achievement of the history of Chinese performance, with hundreds of well-known horses and Asian and European artists.

She is based on the great literature of ancient Greece that spreads thousands of years- Homer's Epic Poems;

She will lead the audience back to the era when man and god were coexisted. Horses and Beauties, Gods and Heroes are the essential elements throughout the performance; She appeared as film, TV serial, play, animation once, but has never entered the world of SHOW.

Now, through the wind and the clouds, she shall meet the horse appearing as The Epic Horse Show - Troy.

The Definition of Horse Show

Horse Show, as a unique form of live performance among the others, and has risen to prominence in recent years. In the show market, Horse Show has received considerable public acclaim worldwide, more importantly, the commercial operation has reached maturity as well. However, the relevant projects in China are rather rare, and original creations are rather blank.

Regarding the concept of Horse Show, we have to mention the 'primogenitor' of Horse Show - Circus. Circuses were almost exclusively demonstrations of equestrian skills with a few other kinds of acts to relate the horsemanship performances. Nowadays, a circus includes trained animals, trapeze acts, acrobats, magic, etc. By comparison, various differences remain in terms of the concept between Horse Show and Circus. Due to the focus of Horse Show is on the combination of performance of horses and actors/actresses. Unlike the traditional performances, Horse Show delineates a new interpretation, honored as Equestrian Ballet. It integrates with equestrian, drama, opera, dancing and also special effects as one,It is an extraordinarily astonishing and artistic performance, and it will certainly bring the audience into a new bright world. Horse Show is then become a new combination of art and sports, which owns the great advantage unparalleled among the other performances.

Introduction of Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a new-type crossover cultural enterprise that focuses on planning, creation, large-scale theatre show production, TV series, stage plays, and grand shows.

Members of Shadow Knight A-lister producers, directors, designers, and top creation staffs of contemporary China (mainland, Hong Kong and Macao), who held key positions in a number of large-scale performances like the Opening/Closing Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralymic Games, and large-scale music and dance epic The Road of Rejuvenation, etc. Our works have won many state-level art awards, including Wenhua Award, Five One Project Award, China Stage Art Excellent Project Award, and Lotus Award, etc. Those achievements make us a well-deserved leading force in the stage art industry of contemporary China.

While keeping an eye on theatre arts, Shadow Knight is also pursuing multi-line businesses including movies, TV series, and the music industry. All works with our investment or production were commercial and creative successes.

Our art production covers music, dance, movie, theatre, fashion, new media, large-scale outdoor performance and other fields. We are committed to promoting crossover cooperation between global artists.

Creative strength, brand reputation, and close and long-term cooperation with various cultural program production agencies renders Shadow Knight the capacity to provide clients with efficient, complete, multi-dimensional service for cultural program design, production solutions, and cultural program operation and management.

The ancient Greek theatre and the ancient Greek drama are an indivisible whole, and this indivisible whole brings a profound influence on the later development of western culture and drama. In all art histories, it is also incomparable. The legend of Troy is from this land, our hope is to absorb the aesthetic elements of the ancient Greek theatre, and to utilise the current high-end stage techniques in order to create the ultimate experience, and also for showing our respects to those special requirements to perform a Horse Show. We hope each of our audience once they walk into the theatre, they could temporarily say good bye to the reality, travel in time and space, and experience the combination of magnificence and desolation, the power of aesthetic.

Published: 4 june 2017

Credit: Theatre Beijing