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News about Jackie in 2015:


18 june 2015:

Added a video with James Breedwell talking to Jackie, after the Nashville show (17 june 2015).


5 june 2015:

A lot of people has asked me if I could make wallpapers with free space on the left side of the wallpaper for the desktop icon's. I have made 2 now, let me know what you think and if you want more of these. New wallpapers 69 and 70.


2 june 2015:

You can now order Jackie's DVD with 'Awakening - Live in concert' at Amazon, or if you live in Scandinavia, you can order it at iMusic.


17 may 2015:

Added a new wallpaper 68.


14 may 2015:

Added a new radio interview with Jackie and Dwight Davis at Radio WHRO.


11 may 2015:

Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Darieth Chisolm from Hustle and Heart TV.


9 may 2015:

Added a new wallpaper 67.


8 may 2015:

Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Nine Entertain, Thailand from april 2015.


28 april 2015:

Added 2 video's with Jackie & Andrea Bocelli from Bangkok, Thailand. Also added many pictures with Jackie from Thailand, see them in the gallery.


26 april 2015:

You can now pre-ordre 'Awakening - Live In Concert' at Amazon or Imusic (Denmark), release date 2 june 2015.


22 april 2015:

Added two new wallpapers 65 & 66.


21 april 2015:

New video with Jackie & Nick Marzock playing 'Blank Space'.


13 april 2014:

Added an radio interview with Jackie and Radio 3 Teen Time, and Alison Hue. (13 october 2014)


10 april 2015:

Added a new wallpaper 64.


9 april 2015:

Happy birthday Jackie.... 15 years.... Hope that you will have a great day with family and friends.


29 march 2015:

Added a new wallpaper 63. Thanks to Kari for Photo.


24 march 2015:

The Humane Society International has released a new video with Jackie, to stop the killing of baby seals in Canada. You can see it here.


21 march 2015:

Added some small video clip with Jackie. You can find them here.


19 march 2015:

Jackie will be a speciel guest at Andrea Bocelli concert "A Magicial Night With Andrea Bocelli" in Bangkok, Thailand, 26 april 2015. Read more here (Google translation)


13 march 2015:

Fixed a problem in the guestbook page, now you are abel to send messages again.

Thanks to Terry for letting me know about the problem.


9 march 2015:

Added lyrics and videos for the two speciel songs 'Black Space' and 'Once Upon A December', that Jackie sang at the concert in Atlanta.


6 march 2015:

Added 3 video's from Jackies Official Youtube Page


31 january 2015:

Added an old video of Jackie singing 'Amazing Grace', credit: Karlous Crabtree


29 january 2015:

Added 7 video's with Jackie, recorded at 'St. Paul's United Methodist Church' on 18 february 2011.

Credit: Papasmurfdad


19 january 2015:

Added 8 Pictures from Jackie's concert in Celebrity Theatre Phoenix, to the gallery.



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