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Welcome to a Danish Jackie Evancho fan website. This website is not affiliated with, authorized by or in any other way officially connected with Jackie Evancho. This site is a non-commercial, unofficial Jackie Evancho fan website. This website contains more than 500 pages with Jackie Evancho for you to have a look at.

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There are not many people in Denmark, who even knows who Jackie Evancho is, and that is a big shame. I hope that by making this website, that I can bring some attention to Denmark and the rest of the world about Jackie and her amazing voice as she deserves, If there's anything on earth close to the sound of an angel, it must be the heavenly voice of Jackie Evancho. On this website you will find some information in danish and english about Jacqueline Marie 'Jackie' Evancho.

Jackie Evancho is 19 years old, from in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America, she was born on 9'th of April 2000. If you want to know more about Jackie, you can read Jackie's biography here.

Jackie started singing just before her 8 years birthday, after she saw the movie musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Jackie's mother bought the film on DVD, and Jackie began to sing songs from the movie in the family home. Jackie's parents have said at the time that there was something special about Jackie's voice.

Jackie Evancho got her big breaktrough, in the America's Got Talent on the 10'th of august 2010, where she sang 'O Mio Babbino Caro', and please remember that Jackie was at the time only 10 years old. One of the judges Howie Mandel said in his criticism that in the show, the judges are trying to: "look for one moment, a gem, to find a star from a place we've never seen before.... This is the moment.... You're the star...."

Jackie has in her short career, preformed with some big artist, such as Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bochelli, Jose Carrears, Barbra Streisand, Placido Domingo, Susan Boyle, Tony Bennett, Peter Hollens, Fernando Varela, Josh Page and many more.

Jackie Evancho is now 19 and responsible for her own life, a young adult. Jackie now live in New York where she can focus more on work and also live in a creative environment, Jackie want to learn and grow. Jackie's love for music is profound, it's what drives her and transforms her. Jackie learned and been through so much, but this is her journey and she look forward to a bright future for the next phase of her life. Jackie is young woman now, but growing up as a child star has not been easy for Jackie, read about 'The dark side of child stardom', and also how Jackie also suffered from an 'eating disorder'.

Photo credit: Jackie's Instagram (2019)

Jackie Evancho is a proud supporter of her transgender sister Juliet Evancho and the struggle for transgender equality. Jackie is also a big supporter of her mother Lisa's organization 'The Brave Heart Foundation', that will provide a safe, enriching, and affirmative place for homeless LGBTQ young adults ages 18-26, that will provide the emotional support and overall care needed for a healthy transition into adulthood.

Jackie Evancho is no longer the child prodigy, Jackie has blossomed into one of the greatest vocal talents in the world today, she is in many ways a typical young adult, she splits her time between Pittsburgh where her family lives and New York where she lives now, so that she can be closer to the creative community while at the same time being close to her family. She is continuing her education in the midst of touring and recording. Jackie's heart opens itself to more than music.

Watch the most recent official video from Jackie Evancho, where she sings I'm not that girl, from the album The Debut:

Date: 18 september 2019

Source: Jackie Evancho YouTube

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