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News about Jackie from 2018:

14 october 2018:
Jackie will return to 'America Got Talent'. It serves as a spin-off/All-Star season, featuring high-placing contestants of the previous thirteen seasons of AGT and other Got Talent competitions around the world. It will premiere on January 7th, 2019, and Jackie will be there.

25 september 2018:
I have changed the look of some of the pages here, but everything is the same, so you don't need worrie.

20 september 2018:
Added a video from Sempre Libere from Jackies concert in San Juan Capistrano, where Jackis sings 'When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano'

13 september 2018:
After looking at some old stuff on my computer, I found this video from 2011, where Jackie sings 'Angel', at 'BT - CityNews Toronto'.

13 august 2018:
I finally had some time to update some of the pages at the Jackie Evancho website in danish, not all pages will be translated into danish, it s to big a job for me, sorry. But the most important ones will be.

10 august 2018:
8 years ago today, something big happened for Jackie, that changed Jackie's life forever, if you can't guess it, you are not really a Jackie fan.

30 july 2018:
New look at Jackie's website, To be honest, I don't know what the Evancho's are thinking about, what a boring new website. There is almost no information there. But I guess that they must have a reason for making the website like that.

7 june 2018:
Added a TV interview with Jackie and Kitty O'Neal, KFBK News.

28 april 2018:
Added a TV interview with Jackie on 'Living Dayton'.

9 april 2018:
Happy birthday Jackie.... 18 years.... Hope that you will have a great day with family and friends.

21 march 2018:
Support Transgender Sex Reassignmnt Surgery organized by Jackie's mother Lisa Evancho.

17 january 2018:
Fixed broken link to 'Fix You' video from Boomer Ang.

14 january 2018:
Added a video from Jackie's concert in Lake Jackson, where Jackie sings '
How Great Thou Art'. Video credit: Papasmurfdad.

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