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News about Jackie from 2018:

29 december 2018: Added a video from the TV show 'A Celtic Family Christmas' where Jackie sings 'O Holy Night'.

23 december 2018: The new Jackie Evancho Fan Calendar 2019 from 'Jackie Evancho World' is out, get your copy Right Here.

23 december 2018: Added a new Wallpaper 81 with Jackie, photo credit 'Joseph Cartright'.

18 december 2018: Added a Radio interview with Jackie at 'Eric Alper's Show, SinuxXM Radio'.

14 november 2018: Added a new video with Jackie & Rachel Evancho, 'Waxing my sister's mustache for the first time'.

13 november 2018: New album from Jackie will be released in 2019. Now we just have to wait...

2 november 2018: Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Chelsea Pompeani.

27 october 2018: I have re-written all of the code for '', and made all the pages secure for users, with HTTPS:
This means '' provides a valid certificate, which means it was signed by a trusted authority.

26 october 2018: Due to some webhosting problems, I have optimized a lot of the code for the website (.html code), this means that the pages should load faster. If there is any broken links, I will fix them as I find them.

14 october 2018: Jackie will return to 'America Got Talent'. It serves as a spin-off/All-Star season, featuring high-placing contestants of the previous thirteen seasons of AGT and other Got Talent competitions around the world. It will premiere on January 7th, 2019.

2 october 2018: I have added a lot of pictures with Jackie to the gallery.

25 september 2018: I have changed the look of some of the pages here, but everything is the same, so you don't need worrie.

20 september 2018: Added a video from Sempre Libere from Jackies concert in San Juan Capistrano, where Jackis sings 'When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano'.

13 september 2018: After looking at some old stuff on my computer, I found this video from 2011, where Jackie sings 'Angel', at 'BT - CityNews Toronto'.

13 august 2018: I finally had some time to update some of the pages at the Jackie Evancho website in danish, not all pages will be translated into danish, it s to big a job for me, sorry. But the most important ones will be.

10 august 2018: 8 years ago today, something big happened for Jackie, that changed Jackie's life forever, if you can't guess it, you are not really a Jackie fan.

30 july 2018: New look at Jackie's website, To be honest, I don't know what the Evancho's are thinking about, what a boring new website. There is almost no information there. But I guess that they must have a reason for making the website like that.

7 june 2018: Added a TV interview with Jackie and Kitty O'Neal, KFBK News.

28 april 2018: Added a TV interview with Jackie on 'Living Dayton'.

9 april 2018: Happy birthday Jackie.... 18 years.... Hope that you will have a great day with family and friends.

21 march 2018: Support Transgender Sex Reassignmnt Surgery organized by Jackie's mother Lisa Evancho.

14 january 2018: Added a video from Jackie's concert in Lake Jackson, where Jackie sings 'How Great Thou Art'. Video credit: Papasmurfdad.

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2018)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2018)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2018)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2018)

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