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News about Jackie from 2015:

30 december 2015:
I have started to make some pages where you can see Jackie's video's in HD. This is gonna take time, but will be done. But your browser must support 'HTML5', for you to see them in HD.

17 december 2015:
Jackie's new video for 'Safe And Sound' has been released.

16 december 2015:
I have made some new pages to the video section. It is now possible to see video's in High Definition (HD), it is only video's from 2015 that is done so far, but more will come. And if you choose to watch a video in High Definition (HD), a new window will open with the video, and your browser must support HTML5.

15 december 2015:
Added a new TV interview with Jackie at FOX31 KDVR, Denver.

13 december 2015:
Finally done with the new layout of the website, I hope that you all like it. If there is any problems, please let me know.. Thanks..

9 december 2015:
Jackie's new song 'Safe And Sound' will be released december 18, 2015. You can pre-order at Amazon.

8 december 2015:
DJ C, made a remix of Jackie 'Go Time', you can hear it in the Remix page.

25 november 2015:
Another TV interview from 'Access Hollywood' with Jackie & Juliet, and talks about Juliet's transgender journey.

15 november 2015:
In Japan the new CD from Placido Domingo 'My Christmas', has a big suprise, a bonus track where he sings 'Guardian Angels' in a duet with Jackie.

11 november 2015:
New TV interview from 'Access Hollywood' with Jackie & Juliet, and talks about Juliet's transgender journey.

30 october 2015:
Placido Domingo has released his new album 'My Christmas' where he sings 'Pie Jesu' in a duet with Jackie.

12 october 2015:
Jackie stepped out to perform at the Global Lyme Alliance's inaugural gala in New York, the whole night was full of firsts for the person by her side, her sister Juliet Evancho, and she opens up about her transgender journey.
Note from Itís so great to see that Juliet is receiving the support she deserves from her entire family. Congrats Juliet. Too bad that not everyone have a family like you.

27 september 2015:
Added the 4 video's that Jackie sang at the 'World Meeting Family 2015' for the pope's visit in Philadelphia, the 4 songs Jackie sang was 'When You Wish upon A Star', 'Ave Maria', 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' and 'The Music Of The Night'.

26 september 2015:
Jackie will preform for Pope Francis today in USA. I'm not sure but you might be abel to watch it live at this link to CBSN live streaming, at but I kown know what time Jackie will sing.
Also added a new wallpaper 73 today.

19 september 2015:
Added a TV interview from Asia, with Jackie & David Foster.
Added many new Pictures to the 'Jackie Evancho Gallery'.

12 september 2015:
Added a video with Jackie & Andrea Bocelli from Italy, preforming with 'Time To Say Goodbye'.

7 september 2015:
Added a radio interview with Jackie and Jordan Rich from WBZ Radio.

21 august 2015:
The video for Jackie's new song 'All Of The Stars' has been released.

10 august 2015:
5 years ago today, something big happened for Jackie, that changed Jackie's life forever, if you can't guess it, you are not really a Jackie fan.

29 july 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 72.

5 july 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 71.

18 june 2015:
Added a video with James Breedwell talking to Jackie, after the Nashville show (17 june 2015).

5 june 2015:
A lot of people has asked me if I could make wallpapers with free space on the left side of the wallpaper for the desktop icon's. So now I have made two new wallpapers now, let me know what you think and if you want more of these. New wallpapers 69 and 70.

2 june 2015:
You can now order Jackie's DVD with 'Awakening - Live In Concert' at Amazon, or if you live in Scandinavia, you can order it at iMusic.

17 may 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 68.

14 may 2015:
Added a new radio interview with Jackie and Dwight Davis at Radio WHRO.

11 may 2015:
Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Darieth Chisolm from Hustle and Heart TV.

9 may 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 67.

8 may 2015:
Added a new TV interview with Jackie and Nine Entertain, Thailand from april 2015.

26 april 2015:
You can now pre-ordre 'Awakening - Live In Concert' at Amazon or Imusic (Denmark), release date 2 june 2015.

22 april 2015:
Added two new wallpapers 65 & 66.

21 april 2015:
New video with Jackie & Nick Marzock playing 'Blank Space'.

13 april 2014:
Added an radio interview with Jackie and Radio 3 Teen Time, and Alison Hue. (13 october 2014).

10 april 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 64.

9 april 2015:
Happy birthday Jackie.... 15 years.... Hope that you will have a great day with family and friends.

29 march 2015:
Added a new wallpaper 63. Thanks to Kari for Photo.

24 march 2015:
The Humane Society International has released a new video with Jackie, to stop the killing of baby seals in Canada.

19 march 2015:
Jackie will be a speciel guest at Andrea Bocelli concert 'A Magicial Night With Andrea Bocelli' in Bangkok, Thailand, 26 april 2015.

13 march 2015:
Fixed a problem in the guestbook page, now you are abel to send messages again.
Thanks to Terry for letting me know about the problem.

9 march 2015:
Added 2 video's for two speciel songs 'Black Space' and 'Once Upon A December', that Jackie sang at the concert in Atlanta.

31 january 2015:
Added an old video of Jackie singing 'Amazing Grace', credit: Karlous Crabtree

19 january 2015:
Added 8 Pictures from Jackie's concert in Celebrity Theatre Phoenix, to the 'Jackie Evancho Gallery'.

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